These generic terms shall apply at all times when undertaking the duties within the Organisation.

  • To work within the terms set out in the Constitution & Standing Orders
  • Work closely with the National Executive Committee for the furtherance of the objectives of the organisation
  • Regular attendance at meetings as appropriate.
  • Ensure effective communication at all levels and use all relevant media including face to face, telephone and information and communication technology, keeping committee members aware of projects and progress within your sphere of responsibility. All communications must be responded to in a timely fashion.
  • Contribute to the setting of overall policy, defining roles, setting targets and evaluating performance to ensure most effective use of skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of the organisation.
  • Ensure efficient and effective administration/record keeping within own sphere of responsibility and to provide a report on actions taken/progress made to every national Executive Committee meeting.
  • Actively support particular projects/strategies for the furtherance of the organisation or for particular events, being part of working groups as appropriate when required
  • Manage any funds/budgets/other property of the organisation entrusted to you, keeping accurate records, liaising with the Treasurer and reporting to the national Executive Committee on how these resources have been used
  • Maintain accurate records of any expenses incurred in undertaking duties and provide receipts as required when submitting claims consistent with the established Expenses Policy. Records to be submitted periodically as part of accounting procedures
  • Maintain appropriate standards of conduct and behaviour, maintaining standards of courtesy at all times for the ongoing benefit of the organisation
  • The role is voluntary. However, reasonable expenses incurred as part of your duties will be reimbursed subject to the production of receipts and approval by the national Executive Committee in line with the agreed financial procedures
  • All positions are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting and subject to the terms set out in the constitution.
  • Whilst no formal qualifications are essential, it is important that you maintain knowledge of responsibility and there is an expectation that your involvement in the association will maintain interest through appropriate reading/learning in order to ensure ongoing development of the Association
  • At all times look for opportunities to advance the profile/membership of the association.

Last updated June 2023