Role purpose:

To take the lead on the Executive Committee (EC) and The Western Front Association (WFA) for equality, diversity, access & inclusion issues. 

Key Functions:

  • Providing strategic oversight on diversity, inclusion, access and equality in all aspects of the WFA’s work.
  • Provide leadership by advising and guiding the EC, branches and the wider organisation on the development, delivery and review of the WFA’s policies on inclusion, equity and access.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Promote and support inclusion, diversity and access throughout the WFA and its branches.
  • Work on monitoring the demography and ethnicity of the WFA’s membership and lead on work to make it more diverse and inclusive.
  • Oversight of the processes by which the WFA addresses inclusion, diversity and equity in projects and activities.
  • Lead on maintaining, updating and developing the WFA’s Diversity and Safeguarding policies.
  • Advising the EC, WFA branches and the wider organisation on developing tangible actions the WFA may take to become more inclusive.
  • Assisting fellow Trustees in ensuring an inclusive environment on the EC.

Keeping the EC informed of the WFA’s progress on inclusion, equity and diversity


Last updated June 2023