The European Field Officer is appointed to the Executive Committee and will represent The Western Front Association (WFA) in matters relating to the Association’s activities in France and Belgium.                                

Key Function:

As European Field Officer, he/she will contribute to maintaining The WFA’s footprint and development of activity in France and Belgium.

Specific Responsibilities:  

The European Field Officer will, where feasible and appropriate:

  1. Maintain close liaison with the European Officer.  
  2. Engage with interested parties, institutions, and associations in Europe in order to promote understanding of The WFA’s objectives. 
  3. Liaise with the Mayor of Albert, and the Burgomaster of Ypres in their capacities as Vice Presidents of the WFA.  
  4. Collaborate, individually and collectively, with educational institutions, historical associations, and heritage groups in Europe and especially in France and Belgium.
  5. Represent The WFA at ceremonial events, conferences, and engagements in Europe.
  6. Monitor the state of Memorials of particular interest to The WFA.

Last updated August 2023