Role purpose:

  1. To promote the WFA, its activities, and its purpose to print, digital, and broadcast media in a reactive/proactive manner to  achieve its charitable aims and strategic objectives.
  2. To host and produce the WFA podcast Mentioned in Dispatches.

Key functions

  1.   Press Trustee
  2. . Podcast host/editor/producer

Specific responsibilities:

  1.   Press Trustee

    a) Proactive press relations (working with other EC members)
    Reactive press relations: maintaining press office to respond to media enquiries; responding to interview requests and information.

    b) Strategic advice: giving EC counsel on press matters; evaluating and reporting back on media engagement.

    c) Membership and branch support: being a point of advice to local branches on media and press issues; providing materials and resources to support local branches/committees engage and work with local media.

    d) Media spokesperson: acting as a media spokesperson where appropriate.

2. Podcast editor/producer

a)    Set up interviews: organising, planning, interviewing contributors, editing and producing regular podcasts on aspects of the Great War.

b).    Hosting, editing and producing the podcasting: completing interview editing, hosting on the website and marketing.


 Last updated December 2023