Role purpose:

To support the organisation by ensuring ongoing legal compliance in order to meet constitutional responsibilities in line with guidelines as required by the Charities Commission, charity law and other legislation as applicable. Supporting the Board of Trustees, National Executive Committee and other members/branch officers as required on legal matters.

Key Function:

Legal Trustee

Legal Advice and Risk Management

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. As a member of the Board of Trustees, to give advice and guidance to the organisation in relation to legal and risk matters in line with the objectives and constitution of the organisation and advising the national Executive Committee, members and other officers on legal issues.
  2. To ensure that the organisation complies with charity law and all other legislative requirements.
  3. To respond to any legal queries raised by Trustees, Executive Committee, Branch officers and members in an appropriate way, ensuring understanding wherever possible.
  4. To deal with and respond to any correspondence and other documents as required within the responsibilities of the role.


         Last updated June 2023