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White Heat: The New Warfare 1914


  The appearance of a new book from our President is always an exciting event and the publications of White Heat is no exception. This volume is his tenth on the subject of the First World War and in it he concentrates on the technological aspects of the conflict. Mr. Terraine contents that 1914 saw a confluence of technological innovation and in…

084: December 2008/January 2009


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The most successful British Bomber Aircraft of The First World War


An introduction to British Aircraft of the First World War If one were asked to choose a paradigm to represent the effect of a major war on the speed of technological change, the evolution of heavier-than-air aircraft in the First World War would be a good choice. But of particular note would be the dramatic development of the immediate pre-war ba…

Escape from the Desert : October 1915


This article could almost be taken from a 'Boy's Own' story of Great War adventures. It features a daring raid by one of the world’s richest men to rescue a group of sailors whose ship had been torpedoed and who had been handed over to a group of North African tribesmen, by whom they were held in deplorable conditions for over four months. At the …

Defending the Ypres Front 1914 – 1918: Trenches, Shelters and Bunkers of the German Army


By Jan Vancoillie & Kristof Blieck Pen & Sword, £25.00 (E–book: £14.40), 294 pp, ills, 34 maps, bibliog., index. ISBN: 978–152–670–746–8 In outline this comprehensive book describes the German structures employed to defend the territory captured around Ypres and makes excellent use of official drawings and maps as well as photographs fro…

Release of ‘Mutiny’ : Black British veterans tell their story of the Great War


A secret history of the First World War that the British Empire tried to hide. Black British veterans tell their story of the Great War. Now available on Amazon Prime 102 year old interviewee Gershom Browne Gresham Browne as a solder in 1915- age 18 In 1914 as the Great War began the majority of the British Empire’s non-white population we…

The WFA's 2019 Armistice commemoration at the Cenotaph


Images of The Western Front Association's 25th, 11th November Cenotaph Armistice Commemoration. We are grateful to Jeff Moore for these photographs.  London Scottish Pipers prepare Parade Marshal John Chester (centre with bowler hat) and a group of members and guests    This year, the RAF provided the guard of honour Poppy wreaths fro…

'The Butcher: Charles Mangin's Great War' with Tim Gale


We welcome Tim Gale to the Village Hall at Hatfield Peverell for his talk on a controversial French General. 7:30 for an 8pm start. Suggested entry donation of £3 with an optional buffet for £1.50. All welcome

11 July 1917 Capt and Flight Commander Henry van Goethem


Son of the artist Edward Victor Van Goethem and Lucy Beatrice (née Lafone) of Tregarthen, Parkstone, Dorset.  Henry was educated at Lindley Lodge, Nuneaton and Sherborne College (1908-1911), followed by City and Guilds’ College, South Kensington. Henry obtained a commission in the Special Reserve of Officers 28 April 1915. Henry was seriou…

14 July 1918 : Flight Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt


Father Theodore Roosevelt, mother Edith. Quentin was the youngest of six and was four years old when his father became US President so he grew up in the White House 1901 to 1909.  Half-sister Alice sister Ethel, and brothers Ted, Kermit and Archie. Age 11 in 1909 he spent the summer with his friend Hamilton Coolidge with a family in France.  E…

119 : October 2020


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Torchbearers of Democracy. African American Soldiers in the World War I Era by Chad L.Williams


472 pp., 6.125 x 9.25, 18 halftones, notes, bibl., index PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-4696-0985-0Published: August 2013 The University of North Carolina Press (2010)  EBOOK ISBN: 978-0-8078-9935-9Published: September 2010 Awards and Distinctions 2011 Liberty Legacy Foundation Award, Organization of American Historians A 2011 Choice Outstanding Acade…

Staring at God: Britain in the Great War by Simon Heffer


Penguin Random House  £30 914pp, bibliog, ills, notes and refs, index. ISBN: 9781847948311  By Simon Heffer  Before offering my opinion of this book, I own up to reading the publishers press release which, as always, accompanied it. It offered the opinions of reviewers from leading magazines and the national press.  The views selected were, as…

First World War Memorial at Galle, Sri Lanka


The Great War of 1914-1918 was a truly global conflict which was felt in countries like Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon), an island nation in the Indian Ocean located thousands of kilometers away from Europe. Since Sri Lanka was under the British rule at that time the war had an impact on Sri Lanka in many sectors including its trade and economy. …

Two opportunities for your students to show what they know about the First World War


Two opportunities for your schools students to show what they know about the First World War.  1. The 2021-22 Malcolm Doolin Memorial Award for Local History Research  2 x £500 prize for Primary and Secondary Schools (incl. Special Schools). What was your town like in 1914-1918? Who went to war? Who stayed at home? Who was killed? Who ca…

Quentin Roosevelt; A Sketch with Letters (and poetry)


Edited by Kermit Roosevelt Illustrated New York Charles Scribner's Sons 1921 (Facsimile) From the start there is a sense of tragedy; you know that this is a collection of letters sent by someone serving in France who is going to die. It is rather like watching the film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ - you know that it ends with a shot and the…

'ELOPE with the RAF - flying over North Russia' by Andy Tonge


Caption: No 1 Flight, Slavo British Aviation Corps About the speaker: Andy Tonge was, for 13 years, chair of the WFA Sussex branch and also the European Officer of the WFA EC during most of the Great War Centenary commemorations. In this role he led the WFA presence at government-run Passchendaele events. For many years, he has guided battlefield …

125: January 2022


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Richard Aldington: Poet, Soldier and Lover (2014)


The Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, 2014, 414pp. In Richard Aldington: Poet, Soldier and Lover, the author Vivien Whelpton explores in series of short intimately explored biographies, spread across the book that has Aldington at its core, the intertwining lives and work of a number of literary figures from the time, including Ezra Pound, Herbert Re…

'Hardit Singh Malik. The Flying Sikh' by Stephen Barker


For our April 2022 branch meeting we are very pleased to be able to welcome Stephen Barker back to Highworth. On this occasion, Stephen's talk will be entitled 'Hardit Singh Malik, The RFC and the First World War'. From his arrival in the UK alone in 1912 as a fourteen-year-old, to Balliol College, Oxford and into the Royal Flying Corps during the…

"Albert Ball and his Aircraft " -a talk by Brett Goodyear


An April tradition at the Essex Branch is the Bill Fulton Memorial Lecture, in honour of our past Chairman. Long-standing Branch member, Brett Goodyear, was due to give this talk in April 2020 but circumstances intervened. This talk is one that Bill had been involved in earlier and Brett will be talking about Albert Ball and his aircraft, the stor…

ONLINE: TORNADO: Operation Desert Storm 1991 by John Nichol


The presentation will be live and online.  When Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ordered the occupation of neighbouring Kuwait in 1990, he set in motion a chain of events which still reverberate around the globe today. In January 1991 ‘Operation Desert Storm’ commenced to liberate Kuwait and the Royal Air Force’s Tornado force was at the very centre…

The First Air War by Grant Cullen


The talk is based on a number of black and white photographs found at a yard sale in Hazlewood, Missouri, in the 1990’s. It covers a rather neglected topic and discusses the main protagonists of the First World War – aeroplanes and people. The talk uses extensive illustrations and includes one short animation and a brief film both on the workings o…

My Uncle - The Battle of Britain VC


In his talk to us last year Jim Nicolson detailed the stories of four RFC/RAF VCrecipients with some jaw-dropping accounts of the actions for which they wereawarded their decorations. Jim is no stranger to aerial VCs, being the nephew of JamesNicholson, the only fighter pilot to be awarded the VC in WW2, and in his follow-upvisit Jim will detail hi…

Ep.328 LECTURE : Why the Allies won the Great War – Prof Mark Connelly


We delve into the intricacies of the First World War with Mark Connelly from the University of Kent and explore the question: 'Why did the Allies emerge victorious?' In this thought-provoking lecture, historian Prof. Mark Connelly takes us on a journey through the annals of history, offering insights into the strategic, political, and human fact…

ONLINE: Britain's Air War Over France & Flanders with Alan Wakefield


The presentation will be live and online.  By November 1918 the Royal Air Force had become an important component in the Allies victory over Germany, with a number of well-defined operational roles. This talk by Alan Wakefield of the Imperial War Museum will attempt to tell how the RAF achieved this through focusing on ten key aircraft that defi…