Editorial Notes (Honorary Editor: Peter T Scott)

  • 70 years on - the first ‘decade’ anniversaries in which the WFA will play an active role.

Evidence in Camera. A Cautionary Tale by Dr A J Peacock (by W.M.B.K)

Porton Revealed (Porton Down) 

  • General View of Porton from the water tower c.1918
  • Gas Wood in the background
  • Porton was opened in 1916 as a Royal Engineer Experimental Station dealing with all forms of gas and chemical weapos.

Chairman's Letter from John Giles

  • Joining our ‘ranks’ and having gained something by doing so.
  • On setting up a ‘film unit’

The Cemetery We Lost by Anthony Spagnoly

Trench Weaponry (1) A German 17cm medium minenwerfer (Peter T. Scott)

  • A German 17cm. Medium minenwerfer
  • A German 24,5cn heavy minenwerfer

Feeding the Guns by Lt F H MacKay, RFA 1916-19 (Part II) (written in 1928 and now first published)

On Foot To The Front by Bill Hogg

WFA Poets by David Patterson

Behind the Lines (1) (Peter T. Scott)

  • A British army printing shop somewhere in France.
  • Possibly GHQ, Montreuil in 1918

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Butte de Warlencourt
  • WFA Ypres Tour

Intelligence Summary

  • Restoration of Souvenirs
  • Trench Map Service
  • Aerial Propaganda
  • WW1 Courses
  • The Annual General Meeting

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