Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

The Camera Returns (19) The D42 Arras to Fampoux Road by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

'Passchendaele': The 1992 Presidential Address delivered by the Honorary President John Terraine

South Africa and the Great War

The 42nd (East Lancashire) Division by Terry Cave 

Western Front Myths: Failure by British Generals to appreciate the value of machine guns from John Terraine's The Smoke and the Fire 

What is a Field Ambulance? by Ronald Clifton 

Blighty Bound

Gunfight at St Julien by P H Arscott

Behind the Lines: Water

The Home Front (28) 'Stop Lines' in Surrey 'Digging in'

Death Instead of Marriage by David Gray 

Have you news of my boy Jack? by Tonie and Valmai Holt

John Evelyn Carr and the London Scottish by Charles R Humphrey 

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Nieuport
  • Executions
  • Pte Twigg 1nd KOYLI

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed)

  • The Lost Voices of World War I by Tim Cross (Ed.)
  • On the Fringes of Hell by Christopher Pugsley
  • Ireland's Unknown Soldiers by Terence Denman
  • Roads to Glory by Richard Aldington 
  • The British Army and Signals Intelligence during the First World War by John Ferris (Ed.)
  • There's a Devil in the Drum by J F Lucy
  • The 1916 Battle of the Somme. A Reappraisal by Peter H Liddle
  • The History of the South African Forces in France by John Buchan
  • The Sky on Fire by Raymond H Fredette
  • No More Strangers by David Gray
  • Official History of the Great War - Transportation on the Western Front 1914-1918 by A M Hennicker 
  • The Ypres Salient by Michael Scott
  • Art from the Trenches. America's uniformed artists in World War 1 by Alfred Emile Cornebise
  • Men at War 1914-1918 National Sentiment and Trench Journalism in France during the First World War by Stephan Audoin-Rouzea
  • Chemical Soldiers by Donald Richter
  • In the Wake of War ‘Les Anciens Combattants’ and French Society by Antoine Prost
  • Over There by Thomas Fleming 
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