Editorial Notes (Hon. Editor Peter T. Scott)

  • Poetry contributions to David Patterson
  • Appeal for contributions

Feeding the Guns by Lt F H MacKay RFA 1916-19 (Part I) (written in 1928 and now first published)

  • Training


  • A German 'Wex' flamethrower or Wechcelappart (Exchange Apparatus)
  • 18 jets of flame, each lasting 20 seconds, over approx: 25 metres

Chairman's Letter (John Giles)

  1. A year since ‘measures were taken towards the foundation’ of our Association
  2. Remembrance
  3. Stand To!

Secretary’s Notes (Margery Giles)

  • As of 21 July 1918 - 654 members of whom: Veterans 115, Life Members 20 (+ 1 Honorary Life Member) and Combined Memberships 32

The Role of the Doughboy in the Current American Renewal by James Brazier

  • Private Martin A. Treptow

New Paths (I) Unremembered Officers - Lt-Gen Sir Travers Clarke, QMG British Armies in France, 1917-1919 (by A. Frame)

Private Memorials (Richard Dunning)

  • Towards a complete register of memorials, sites and details

Sapper on the Somme by B J Gill (Veteran reminiscence)

  • 238 Army Troops Company, RE

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed by ‘Obturator’)

  • A Subject Bibliography of the First World War: Books in English 1914-1978 by A G A Enser
  • The Donkeys by Alan Clarke
  • A Guide to the Sources of British Military History by Robin Higham (Ed.)
    • Land, Sea, Air, Home Front
  • The Bibliographic Guide to the Two World Wars; an annotated survey of English Language Reference Materials by Gwyn M. Bayliss
  • English Poetry of the First World War by Catherine W Reilly
  • A Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army by Arthur S White
  • The Two World Wars: A Guide to Manuscript Collections in the United Kingdom by S L Mayer and W H Koenig
  • Der Angriff: A Journal of World War I History by Richard Baumgartner
  • Fritz: The World War I Memoirs of a German Lieutenant by Richard Baumgartner

Communication Lines (Letters to the editor)

  • The Work of the CWGC on the Western Front from Bill Anderson, Leeds
  • Messines Mines from A Spagnoly
  • Butte de Warlencourt - ‘here is a memorial and a site that should be better preserved, especially considering the significance that the Butte held in  the Somme battles’ from W G Caudwell, The Forest School, Horsham

Intelligence Summary

  • The Royal Wedding, 29th July 1981
  • Future Meetings
  • The Press, Publicity and our Archives

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