Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • David Cohen, retires as Chairman of The WFA - a tribute 
  • Chairman's Christmas Address (3rd) by David Cohen 

The Camera Returns (9) D42 Fampoux/Athies/Blangy Road leading into Arras by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

'Soldiers Died in the Great War' as historical source material by Martin G Staunton

  • Name Patterns
  • Birth and Residence
  • Patterns of Voluntary Enlistment
  • Regimental Serial Numbers
  • Date of Death

Get The Medics in. I've Been Hit! Some notes on the RAMC in 1914 by Bob Wyatt

Behind the Lines (13): Ambulance Trains 

The Broken Spur: Another Unusual Formation

In the Trenches with the Lincolns

Comrades in Death: Beauraing Cemetery, Private P C Beck 

The 'New' IWM by The Editor (Reopened 29 June 1989)

Our Hearts That Died: 2nd/Lieutenant William Wright McNally MC  by B Cory Kilvert JR

The First Air Raid: Great Yarmouth by Bob Wyatt

One Man's War (8) My Experiences as a PoW by Walter Hare, 16th West Yorks

American Victoria Cross Winners in the Canadian Expeditionary Force During the Great War by Captain Harold E. Raugh, JR, USA

  • Sergeant George Mullin VC, MM
  • L/Cpl William Metcalf 

Roll of Honour - Four Veteran Members remembered

Wound Stripes

The Home Front (19) A-A Observation Room

Youthful Memoirs of War (II) by Major-General Ashton Wade, CB, OBE, MC

The Royal Marines Remember the Western Front 

The Last Surviving Victoria Cross Holder Has Died by Edward Storey

  • Lieutenant Charles Rutherford VC MC MM

A Regiment at War 43rd and 44th (Garrison) Battalions

Trench Feet and Frostbite by Harry Taylor

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • AA and Reserve Battalions
  • The First War?
  • WFA Tours
  • Sydney T Goodman DCM
  • Cemetery Visiting 

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed)

  • War Books by Cyril Falls (Ed.) R J Wyatt
  • The British Military Cemeteries in the region of Boulgne-sure-Mer by J Watrin
  • The Kimmel Park Camp Riots 1919 by J Putkowski 
  • First World War Photographers by Jane Carmichael
  • Shot at Dawn by J Putkowski and J Sykes
  • Fix Bayonets! With the U.S. Marine Corps in France 1917-1918 by John W Thomason
  • Gallipoli Diary by Major John Gillam
  • Somewhere in France. Letters to Home. The War Years of Sgt Roy Whitelaw 1st AIF by Allan M Nixon
  • Business in Great Waters. The U-Boat Wars, 1916-1945 by John Terraine 
  • The Prisoners 1914-1918 by Robert Jackson
  • Regiments of the Empire. A Bibliography of their published histories by Roger Perkins

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