Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • ‘Did we really … (send them into that)? John Terraine and Haig's style of command

  • Ten Years Old - The WFA today. 3000 Members of whom 130 are Great War Veterans

The Camera Returns (12) Beaumont Hamel by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall 

Cambrai 1918. A Battle Remembered: 2/Lt John Stott, MC by Margery West 

In The Trenches with the Lincolns

Divisional Deployment Companies

Trench Feet and 5th Australian Division - Winter 1916 by S J Evans 

A Memoir of the Final Advance 1918 by Sergeant W G Sweet, 2nd Monmouthshire edited by Barry Johnson

What is a Battalion? By Ronald Clifton 

  • Horse and Transports
  • Clothing
  • Battalion Equipment
  • Changes during the war

Here and There

The 28th Division. Another Unusual Formation. 

Sound Ranging 1914-1918 by Peter Chasseaud

Behind the Lines (16)

  • The Labour Corps

The Home Front (21)

  • Prisoners of War

Our Hearts that Died by B Cory Kilvert JR

  • Private Arthur Horner (1884-1918) 

Roll of Honour - Seven Veteran Members remembered

One Man's War: W H Stevens (Royal Flying Corps) by Bill Stevens

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Desert Island War Books (10 books out of 80) by Ken Smallwood 
  • The Gotha
  • Gun Fire

Garrison Library (First World War Books Reviewed)

  • Monuments of War. How to read a war memorial by Colin McIntyre
  • First In. Last Out by T R Frame and G J Swinden
  • The Tragedy and Glory of Gallipoli by John Robertson
  • Armoured Warfare by J P Harris and F H Toase (Eds.)
  • Mametz- Lloyd George's Welsh Army at the Battle of the Somme by Colin Hughes
  • The Commonwealth Armies Manpower and organisation in two world wars by F W Perry 
  • The Final Betrayal. The Armistice, 1918 by Richard Garrett
  • Cheerful Sacrifice by Jonathan Nichols
  • English Fiction and Dram of the Great War by John Onions
  • Forward into Battle by Paddy Griffith
  • Revolution? Ireland 1917-1923 by David Fitzpatrick
  • The Blitz. Westminster at War by William Sansom
  • ‘I have done my duty.’ Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War 1854-56 by Sue M Goldie (Ed.) 
  • A Medal for Life. Biography of Capt. Wm. Leefe Robinson VC by L W Bills

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