Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • British and Indian Officers
  • Roll of Honour - A Veteran Member remembered: Mr Charles Robert Searle

War Art: 'The Soup March' by Robert Walker by David Cohen 

General Joffre. The 1994 Presidential Address, Delivered by the Honorary President John Terraine 

Non Regulation Badges in Uniform by Ray Westlake

'When we come back from first death' Thomas MacGreevy and the Great War by Susan Schreibman

Some Further Notes on Army Organisation by Bob Butcher and Terry Cave 

  • 1918 Reorganisation

The Camera Returns (24) Meaulte (a mile south of Albert) by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy 

When the Men from the Pru went to War (Part I) by Martin Middlebrook (Part II) by Ross Davies

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Clearing the Battlefields 
  • Visitors to the Battlefields
  • NOT the Western Front?
  • 'Todger' Jones VC
  • 2nd Manchesters in Nieuport

Western Front Myths by Bob Butcher 

A Contemporary Record or Post-War Fabrication. The Authenticity of the Haig Diaries for 1914 by John Hussey 

Observation Post

  • Theatre: The Big Picnic by Bill Bryden

Charles Dejalma Moucan - Croix de Guerre by A D Chissel

WFA Poets: To the ‘Conscientious Objector’

A Forgotten CEF Memorial by Paul Reed 

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed)

  • Defeat at Gallipoli by Nigel Steel and Peter Hart
  • The Redcaps. A History of the Royal Military Police from the Middle Ages to the Gulf War by G D Sheffield
  • Letters from the Front. The Great War Letters of Lieutenant Brian Lawrence
  • Panorama of the Western Front by John Laffin 
  • Brigadier-General R B Bradford & His Brother
  • Traces of the Great War by J Cartier
  • Battle Tactics of the Western Front: The British Army's Art of the Attack 1916-1918 by Paddy Griffith 
  • Book Notices in Brief:
  • Battle Honours Awarded for the Great War by John Murray
  • ‘Dishonoured’ - the ‘Colonels’ Surrender’ at St Quentin, the Retreat from Mons August 1914 by Peter T Scott
  • Into Battle by E W Parker
  • Hot Blood and Cold Steel - Life and Death in the Trenches of the First World War by A Simpson
  • Manchester Pals by Michael Stedman
  • The Worst Ordeal - Britons Home and Abroad 1914-1918 by Peter Liddle 
  • Victory in the West (Volume II) by L F Ellis
  • Wales on the Western Front by John Richards (Ed.)
  • Wilfred Owen, Poet and Soldier by Helen McPhail




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