Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • 15 years of The Western Front Association
  • Notable WFA milestones
  • The Camera Returns (long may their efforts continue!)
  • PoWs

The 15th Anniversary of John Terraine as Hon. President of the WFA is marked. Regular features, articles, letters and reviews.

Roll of Honour: Six Veteran Members remembered

War Art: 'The Spirit of the Regiment' by Colonel Henry Bathurst Vaughan (b.1858) by David Cohen 

Prisoners of War by Ross Davies

Prisoner: A Memoir by 3367 Pte. James Slessor of the Liverpool Irish (1/8 King's)

British Divisional Reorganisation, February 1918 by John Hussey

The Camera Returns (27) Fricourt

Commonwealth War Cemetery Jelgava Latvia by Harry Milner

War Memorials to Local Regiments in Nottinghamshire Churches by Louis Ackroyd

List of Contents for Stand To! Issues 1 to 44

  • Personal Accounts, Diaries and Veterans’ Reminiscences - 94
  • Personalities -34
  • Our Hearts That Died (Biographies of soldiers who died) - 8
  • General Articles - 142
  • President’s Addresses - 13
  • Battlefield Pilgrimages and Visits - 8
  • Army Organisation - 37
  • Division Histories - 12
  • Weapons - 17
  • WFA Poets - 39
  • Western Front Myths - 5
  • Behind The Lines - 23
  • The Camera Returns - 26
  • The Home Front - 30
  • Miscellaneous Photo and Pictorial Features - 44

Rank Insignia of the British Army, 1914-1918 by Ronald Clifton

Communications Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Lover's Lane
  • War Artists by Paul Gough 
  • The Camera Returns (26) 
  • London Scottish
  • London's Saturday Night Soldiers
  • Last Post Ceremony
  • Austrian Fortifications

Kitchener's Monument: The Expansion of the British Army by Bob Butcher

Tractors to Tanks: The Evolution of the Landschip by William Hanigan

Poetry by Helen McPhail 

Observation Post

  • Imperial War Museum
  • Postcard packs
  • Video
  • Audiotape

Garrison Library (First World War Book Reviews)

  • Old Soldiers Never Die by Frank Richards DCM
  • How Dear Life is by Henry Williamson
  • The Austro-Hungarian Forces in the Field from The General Staff
  • The Missing of the Somme by Geoff Dyer
  • The Imperial War Museum Book of the Western Front by Malcolm Brown
  • Army Battlefield Guide, Belgium and Northern France by Richard Holmes
  • Gentlemen and Officers, the Impact and Experience of War on a Territorial Regiment 1914-1919 by K W Mitchinson
  • Riding the Retreat - Mons to the Marne 1914 Revisited by Richard Holmes
  • The Hood Battalion. Royal Naval Division, Antwerp, Gallipoli by Leonard Sellers
  • Field Equipment of the European Foot Soldier 1900-1914 by Emile Lavisse
  • The Best of Good Fellows by Jonathan Horne 
  • Book Notes in Brief:
  • VCs of the First World War - Gallipoli by Stephen Snelling
  • A Dear and Noble Boy - the Life and Letters of Louis Stokes by R A Barlow & H V Bowen (Eds.)
  • Tank Action: From the Great War to the Gulf by George Forty
  • Fallen Stars by Brian Bond
  • The RAF in Camera 1903-1939 by Roy Conyers Nesbit
  • Agents of the Empire: Angol-Zionist Intelligence Operations 1915-1919 by Anthony Verried (Ed.)
  • Imperial Germany 1871-19115: Economy, Society, Culture and Politics by V R Berghahn
  • A Lonely Grave - the life and Death of William Redmond by Terrence Denman
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