Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • Western Front Postage Stamp
  • Index of articles for Issues 1-45 in Stand To! No. 44 January 1996
  • Index of articles for Issues 45-56 in this issue
  • Soldiers Died CD-Rom

The Hospitallers' War: The Orders of St John, 1914-18 by Gervase Phillips

The Camera Returns (39): Fins by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy

The Welsh Army Corps 1914-1918: Shortage of Khaki and basic equipment promote a 'national' uniform by Clive Hughes

Omnibuses at War 1914-1918 by Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) M H G Young 

The Great War Dispatches of Sir Philip Gibbs by Richard Hughes 

Web Watch (2) On how to set up a Web page by Jim Fanning

Poetry by Helen McPhail 

Swiss Soldiers of the Great War by Andrew Whitmarsh 

War Art: Stirrup Charge by Countess Feodora Gleichen, RA (1861-1922) by David Cohen 

To Identify a Body

The Highlander Statue at Newfoundland Park

The Wolds Wagoners: an unusual formation with a controversial memorial by Paul Cobb 

A Ticket to Rouen by Jack Cavanagh

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • The myth of German Battalions having a machine-gun section each in 1914
  • Armenian Massacres
  • Collecting medals

Heroes All (1) by Ray Westlake 

  • Captain Gordon Cuthbert,1/8th Bn Middlesex Regiment 

Member's Research:

  • Testament of Luck: Ernest Jones - South Wales Borderers interviewed by Bob Matthews
  • The Devil's Orchestra. Searching for an Old Contemptible by Rob Kirk 
  • Search for Second Lieutenant John Hayes Fearnhead 'Jack' of the 1/7th (King's Liverpool) Regiment, killed near Guillemont in August 1916 by Pam Hall 
  • Cricket Memorial 
  • Ross Rifle
  • Royaumont
  • Garrison Library (200 Great War Books published each year)

The Rangers at Villers-Cotterets 1918 by Colin Fairman 

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed)

  • Aftermath. Remembering the Great War in Wales by A Gafney
  • The 2nd Munsters in France by Lt Col H S Jervis
  • Sir John Fishers Naval Revolution by N Lambert
  • With Snow on Their Boots - the Tragic Odyssey of the Russian Expeditionary Force in  France during World War I by J H I Cockfield
  • The Fighting Man. The Soldier at War from the Age of Napoleon by P L Isemonger and C Scott
  • Doing His Bit by R M Greig
  • British Logistics on the Western Front by Malcolm Brown
  • The All-Americans at War: The 82nd Division in the Great War, 1917-1918 by J Cooke
  • War and Faith. The Religious Imagination in France by A Becker
  • Letters from a Lost Generation by A Bishop and M Bostridge (Eds).
  • Over There. The United States in the Great War 1917-1918 by B Farwell
  • The Long Silence by H McPhail
  • Great Battles of the Great War by M Stedman and E Skelding
  • The First World War by John Keegan
  • Liaison 1914 by Edward Spears
  • Sea Killers in Disguise by Tony Bridgland
  • Back to the Front by Stephen O’Shea
  • Battle Beneath the Waves by Robert C Stern
  • A History of the English Speaking Peoples by Winston Churchill
  • Assassin! By Paul Elliot

Editor’s Choice:

  • Great Battles of the Great War by M Stedman & E Skelding
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