Editor’s Introduction

  • Remembering Bridgeen Fox

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Major C E Sutcliffe re-burried
  • Bloody US Battlefield

‘A Cameron Can Never Yield’: The 4th Cameron Highlanders at Festubert, 16-18 May 1915 by Patrick Watt

From Snitterfield to Festubert, via British Columbia by Bob Foster

‘It is a Gas-ly War’ - The Diary of Major Swindell (Part I) Edited by Paul Swindell

The Camera Returns (76) Querrieu, north east of Amiens by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

The Incomparables? The Positive Existence of the ‘Learning Curve’ at Divisional Level between August 1916 - August 1917: The case of the 29th Division by Matthew Chorley

War Art - Private William Harold Hutchings (1885-1962) 2nd/1st West Lancashire Field Ambulance, 55th Division BEF by David and Judith Cohen

Help at Hand: 1/7th Robin Hoods' Medical Team in the Great War by Gary Wood

Re-reading Max Plowman and A Subaltern on the Somme: The Men and Officers of the 10/West Yorkshire Regiment, 1916-1917 by David Stowe

Commissions from the Ranks of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers during the Great War, a Point on the Learning Curve by Tom Burke

Heroes on the Doorstep by Ray Westlake

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed)

  • Germany's Western Front: Translations from the German Official History of the Great War by Mark Osborne Humphries and John Makers (Eds.)
  • The 22nd Battalion Manchester Regiment 1914-1920. The Western Front, Italy, Austria, Egypt by Alastair Cowan
  • All the Bright Company of Heaven. The Forgotten Story of the Cook Family, Crawley and the Great War by Renny Richardson
  • Fear by Gabriel Chevallier
  • Trench Art. Second Edition by Nicholas J. Saunders.
  • The 11th Durham Light Infantry in their Own Names by Martin Bashforth 
  • The Platoon, an Infantryman on the Western Front by Joseph Steward
  • A Village at War: Newdigate in World War One by John Callcut
  • War Diaries. A Chaplain at Gallipoli. The Great War Diaries of Kenneth Best
  • The Quick and the Dead: Fallen Soldiers and their Families in the Great War by Richard van Emden
  • Men of Essex. The 9th (Service) Battalion The Essex Regiment by The WFA Essex Branch
  • A Sergeant-Major's Death. From Beaucourt to A.I.F. Burial Ground by Martin Middlebrook
  • Landrecies to Cambrai: Case Studies of the German Offensive and Defensive Operations on the Western Front 1914-1917 by Captain G C Wynne
  • The Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel: Tommies, Diggers and Doughboys on the Hindenburg Line 1918 by Dale Blair
  • Tracing Your Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians by Janice Tait and David Fletcher
  • Civilians in a World War, 1914-1918 by Tammy M Proctor 
  • The German Army at Cambrai by Jack Sheldon
  • Hitler's First War. Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment and the First World War by Thomas Weber
  • Six Weeks. The Short and Gallant Life of the British Officer in the First World War by John Lewis-Stemple

Short Notices

  • Jedburgh’s Wartime Sacrifice. The Men of Jedburgh who Lost their Lives in Two World War by J D Smith (WFA Member)
  • Nair War Memorial 1914-1918 by Stuart Farrell
  • Letters Home 1914-1919 written by John Harker to his Family
  • The Ordeal of Peace: Demobilization and the Urban Experience in Britain and Germany, 1917-1921 by Andrew Seipp
  • The Military Letters of Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude, 1914-1917
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