Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • Bob Butcher retires as Editor of Stand To!
  • Roll of Honour - Six Veteran Members remembered (Continued on page 6)

The Camera Returns (20) The Ruined Station at Beaucourt Hamel by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

Behind the Lines: Salvage

Roll of Honour - Ten Veteran Members remembered 

Leeds Commemoration 

The Organisation of the British Army in the Great War by Bob Butcher and Terry Cave

  • The War Office and the Commands
  • 'Armies' and 'Corps'
  • Divisions
  • Base and LofC
  • Wartime Expansion
  • Regiments
  • The Territorials and the Reserves
  • Machine Guns
  • Staff Work
  • Indian Army
  • Colonels

Western Front Myths: The Dominion troops were better than the British

The Home Front (29) Training Officers

The Liverpool Merchants Mobile Hospital, Etaples, 1915-1918 by Edgar Chavasse and Ann Clayton 

The Germans in Ypres by Sister Marguerite of the Convent St Marie, Ypres 

Canada and the End of The War in 1918, 75th Anniversary by Fred Gaffen 

Richborough Port: A Main Artery of the Western Front, 1915-1918 by Peter Oldham

The Big Guns of the RGA

One Thousand More Tanks by John Hussey 


9th (Scottish) Division by Terry Cave 

The Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust by Anthony O'Brien 

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Photo-call 
  • Sarajevo
  • Somme 1916
  • Executions

Garrison Library (First World War Books reviewed)

  • The Fateful Battle Line. The Great War journals and sketches of Captain Henry Ogle by Michael Glover (Ed.)
  • The World War One Source Book by Philip J Haythornthwaite
  • Salford Pals - A history of the 15th, 16th, 19th and 20th Battalions Lancashire Fusiliers by Michael Stedman
  • No Man's Land. A postwar sketch book by George Pratt (reviewed by David Cohen)
  • Tales of Old Soldiers by Tom Quinn (Ed.)
  • Sanctuary Wood and Hooge by Nigel Cave
  • Forces of the British Empire by Edward M Nevins 
  • Subalterns of the Foot. Three World I Diaries of The Cheshire Regiment by Anne Wolff (Ed.)
  • The Glosters. An Illustrated history of a county regiment by Christopher Newbold and Christine Beresford (Eds.)
  • Doctrine and Dogma - German and British Infantry Tactics in the First World War by Martin Samuels
  • The Defeat of Imperial Germany 1917-1918 by Rod Paschall
  • Bullets and Bandsmen. The Story of a Bandsman on the Western Front by Daphne Jones
  • Tangled Web - Canadian Infantry Accoutrements 1855-1985 by Jack L Summers
  • Hitler’s Panzers East by R H S Stolfi
  • Rebels: The Irish Rising of 1916 by Peter de Rosa
  • Doughboy with the Fighting Sixty-Ninth by M Albert and Churchill Eettinger

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