Contents of Stand To! No.124

Communication Lines p 3

Illusions and Disillusions, Vain Hopes and Great Disappointments: Major General Bertram Mitford and 42nd Division, 1917 by Michael Lucas  pp 4-8

The Camera Returns (105) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall pp 9-11

The Memoirs of a Japanese Nurse on the Western Front (Pt III): Hajimeko Takeda’s Notes by a Japanese Nurse Sent to France Translated by Paul Carty and Eiko Araki, edited by Freddy Rottey and Dominiek Dendooven pp 12-16 

‘The Carries Are Getting Terribly Long’ A New Zealand Stretcher–Bearer on the Somme, September 1916 by Graham Howie pp 17-21

‘An Error of Judgement’ Gas Attack by 108 Brigade 1 September 1916 by Richard Earl pp 22-27 

Stereography in the Great War (Pt III): Amateur Stereographers by Ian Ference pp 28-34 

NCOs: Backbone of the British Army? by Stephen Manning pp 35-39 

Bluebirds of War Canadian Nurses from War to Peace by Andrea McKenzie pp 40-44 

A Good War From Civilian in 1914 to Lieutenant Colonel in 1918 by A D Harvey pp 45-49 

Garrison Library pp 50-56

  • Nicholas A Lambert (2021) The War Lords and the Gallipoli Disaster: How Globalized Trade Led Britain to its Worst Defeat of the First World War.
  • Gwyn Jenkins (2021) A Welsh County at War: Essays on Ceredigion at the time of the First World War.
  • Edward Pereira, Spencer Jones and Michael Locicero (eds) Catholic General: The Private Wartime Correspondence of Major-General Cecil Edward Pereira, 1914-19.
  • Ann Buckley (Ed) (2021) German Prisoners of the Great War.
  • Matt Haultain-Gall (2021) The Battlefield of Imperishable Memory. Passchendaele and the Anzac Legend
  • Mark C Wilkins (2021) British Fighter Aircraft in World War 1.
  • Stephen Chambers (2021) Krithia: Gallipoli.
  • Julian Walker (2021) Tommy French: How British First World War Soldiers Turned French Into Slang.
  • John Charteris (2021) At British Headquarters During the Great War.



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