Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • Congratulations to Aleks A M Deseyne winner of the 1991 Bunting Memorial for his article ‘Dug Outs’ in Stand To! No. 31 Spring 1991
  • Roll of Honour - Seven 

The Camera Returns (17) Le Mesnil (Mesnil-en-Aurrouaise) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

The Red Hand. Another unusual Division. 

One Man's War: Sergeant Joe Beard by Joe Beard 

Forgotten Armies 

The Men of 1914 John S Sly 

Behind the Lines (20) Preparation

A Battalion on the Somme: 2nd Bn Green Howards by Paul Reed 

Wavell in the Great War: The Mud of Flanders and Mobility of Palestine by Major Harold E. Raugh, Jr, USA (Brigadier A P Wavell CMG MC)

War Art: Eric Kennington by David Cohen 

Here and There

The Home Front (26) 

A TF Subaltern Goes to War: Lieutenant Charles S. Workman, MC

The Scottish Regiments

  • The 15th (Scottish) Division 

'Options for Change'

What is a Heavy Battery? by Ronald Clifton 

The Official History of the Great War

  • Complete listing of the various volumes of the British Official History of the Great War
  • Military Operations
  • Order of Battle
  • Occupation
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Naval
  • Munitions
  • Veterinary
  • Statistics
  • Shipping

Communications Lines (Letters to the editor)

  • Understanding
  • 2nd King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Divisional and Corps Signs

Garrison Library (First World War Book reviews)

  • The Catholic Soldiers in the First World War by Terrence Denman (reviewed by Bob Butcher)
  • The Devil to Pay. The Mutiny of the Connaught Rangers, India, July 1920 by Anthony Babington
  • Memoir of an American Patriot by Hamilton Fish (reviewed by Gunner)
  • The War to end all Wars : The American Military Experience in World War I by Edward M Coffman (reviewed by Bob Butcher)
  • 'We Are Here Too' The Diaries and Letters of Sister Oliver L C Haynes, November 1914 to February 1918 by Margaret O Young (Ed.) (reviewed by Bob Wyatt)
  • Into the Breach: American women overseas in World War I by Dorothy and Carl J Schneider (reviewed by Bill Leyden)
  • Kaiserschlacht 1918: The Final German Offensive by Randal Gray
  • Winged Warfare. The literature and theory of aerial warfare in Britain 1859-1917 by Michael Paris (reviewed by Gunner)
  • From the Somme to the Armistice by Richard Devonald-Lewis
  • Military Operations - France and Belgium 1916 by Wilfrid Miles (reviewed by Bob Butcher)
  • Chavasse-Double VC by Ann Clayton (reviewed by Gunner)

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