Notes by the Way (Notices from the Editor)

Hobart's History of Cambrai (Part II) 

  • Chapter V: The Battle of Cambrai
  • Chapter VI: The Germans at Cambrai
  • Chapter VII: Some Lessons after the Battle

Stormtroopers and Stick Grenades: Recent Writing on How the German Army Nearly Won the Great War by Peter Caddick-Adams

Doughboys' Rifle: It wasn't necessarily a Springfield by Leonard G Shurtleff

Entente Cordiale at the Cafe de la Caserne

Caught in the Crossfire: Canadian Snipers and Open Warfare by Leslie P Mepham

Letters from a Poilu

War Art: Gallipoli - The Welsh Casualty Clearing Dressing Station by Norman Wilkinson CBE PRI  ROI (1878-1971) by David Cohen 

The Camera Returns (37): Mansel Copse by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy

Poetry by Helen McPhail 

Whitaker's War by Garry Atterton

Classroom Exercise - Identikit by John West

Member's Research:

  • On the Somme with with a 60-pounder Battery by Harry Milner
  • From Fovant to the Schwaben Redoubt July-October 196 by Roland Wilcock

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Hobart and the Tank
  • Collecting medals
  • George Fugate
  • Sarajevo
  • CWGC records on the Internet
  • Ross Rifle
  • Deserters
  • Two Minute Silence 

A Tank at Passchendaele

Garrison Library (First World War Book Reviews)

  • A School for Diplomats by Clifford R Lovin
  • Royal Flying Corps Communiques 1917-1918 by Chaz Bowyer (Ed.)
  • Command or Control? Training and Tactics in the British and German Armies by Martin Samuels
  • Pillars of Fire - the Battles of Messines Ridge 1917 by Ian Passingham
  • The Virago Book of Women and the Great War by Joyce Marlow
  • Filming 'All Quiet on the Western Front' by Andrew Kelly 
  • Epic Actions of the First World War by R W Gould
  • Soldiers in the Great War/Officers in the Great War: CD-ROM
  • Loos by Michael Gavaghan
  • James Neville Marshall VC MC & Bar by Arthur Graham
  • Sons of This Place - Commemoration of the War Dead in Oxford’s Colleges and Institutions by Patricia Utechin
  • Lechdale & the Great War by Paul & Tessa Hob
  • Don’t Shout at the Guns by Laurence Harris
  • United States Army in the World War 1917-1919 by US Center for Military History
  • Kineton in the Great War 1914-1921 by Gillian Ashley
  • A Question of Conscience - Conscientious Objectors in the Two World Wars by Felicity Goodall
  • Air War Flanders 1918 by Robert Jackon
  • Salient Points Two - Cameos of the Western Front by Tony Spagnoly & Ted Smith
  • Only Remembered by Mike Lyddiard
  • Images of Omagh and District by Dr Haldane Mitchell
  • The Mudbook - Machine Gunner by Allan C Mott
  • Theatre at War by L J Collins
  • Memorials and the Local Historian by Alex Bruce
  • Editor’s Choice:
  • The Women of Royaumont - A Scottish Women’s Hospital on the Western Front by Eileen Crofton

Interesting Internet Sites

First Western website with Chris Baker

'Perhaps in years to come websites will be reviewed in Stand To! just as books are today.

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