Notes By The Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • Germ Warfare

  • The influenza pandemic

  • US Marine William 'Eugene' Lee celebrated his 104th birthday in March this year

  • Cenotaph, 11 November 2003

  • Unveiling Bairnsfather plaque

Web Watch (13) by Jim Fanning 

  • Priory School Lewes items belonging to Private Rupert Freeman

Bounded Duty and Service Royal Welch Fusiliers: A Royal Welch Fusiliers' perspective of eligibility and liability to serve in the Great War by David Langley 

A Strange Happening in France by David R. Adams

War Art: Captain Charles Sargeant Jagger, MC, ARA (1885-1934) 13th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment by David Cohen 

Memories of Paris by Mary Vincent 

T P's (Thomas Power O’Connor or 'T.P.') Journal by Ann Clayton 

Great Deeds (compiled by ‘T.P.’)

  • The Samaritans in Khaki
  • Private T Warwick VC
  • Self-Education under shellfire (Pelham School of the Mind)
  • Actuality Recordings in the Great War by James Hayward

CD Reviews

  • 'Oh! It's a Lovely War' (Vol.3) marches, songs, sketches and archive recordings 
  • CD41 Review: Audio collection of readings by Siegfried Sassoon

A Labora of Love: The Odyssey of a Field Ambulance: Lieutenant Colonel George Mackie by Alastair Mackie

Remembering the Great War at Christ College Brecon by Ray Westlake

Like Father, Like Son by J P Lethbridge

The Camera Returns (50): Riqueval Tunnel of the St. Quentin Canal by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy 

'Making the Butterflies Kill' (Cumulative aggression) by James Roberts

'Pull-Together' The Queenstown Naval Command of World War I by William H Langenberg

The Nine Battalion Controversy by Bob Butcher

The BEF and The Development of the 'Bite & Hold' Operation on the Western Front 1915-1918 by David Blanchard

Fort Lincoln Then & Now by Len Shurtleff

Communication Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Armara Cemeteries, Iraq
  • Waziristan Badges
  • Memorial Scrolls
  • PoW Camps
  • Influenza
  • Executed for murder

Garrison Library (First World War Book Reviews)

  • Mother of Eagles, The War Diary of Baroness von Richthofen by Suzanne Hayes Fischer
  • Hawker's Big Push by John Hogston
  • A Grateful Heart. The History of a World War I Field Hospital by Michael E Slay
  • Irish Regiments in the Great War. Discipline and Morale by Timothy Bowman
  • Gully Ravine, Gallipoli by Stephen Chambers
  • A Chaplain's War. The Story of Noel Mellish VC MC by Hugh Montell
  • The First Blitz by Andrew P Hyde
  • The Battle of Tanga, 1914 by Ross Anderson
  • Hot Blood & Cold Steel: Life and Death in the Trenches by Andy Simpson
  • Death for Desertion. The Story of the Court Martial & Execution of Sub Lt Edwin Dyett by Leonard Sellers
  • The National Army Museum Book of the Turkish Front, 1914-1918 by F M Lord Carver
  • The Lonely Anzac - A True Son of Empire by John W. Harvey 
  • For A Shilling A Day: Black Country Memories of Warfare by Peter Rhodes
  • A Brief History of the Royal Flying Corps in World War I by Ralph Baker 
  • Recently published 
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