This edition of the journal of The Western Front Association remembers the German Spring Offensive of 1918

Editor's Introduction

Looking forward to Remembrance Sunday 11 November 2018

Planning for a special edition of Stand To!

Communication Lines

Australian soldiers who died on the troop train from Marseilles to the Western Front and other train tragedies.

Soldiers executed

Shetland casualties

In defence of articles by Peter Barton

Restoring British military bicycles.

We're for it hot and thick. The 13th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment (Forest of Dean Pioneers) in the German Spring Offensives - March and April 1918 by Colin Taylor

Tag X - Durchbruch! The German Advance from the St Quentin Canal 21 March 1918 by Sebastian Laudan

The Camera Returns (93) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

Retreat and Rearguard Somme 1918 The Actions at the Somme Crossings by Jerry Murland

Ferdinand Foch: General in Chief by William Philptt

28 March 1918 - An Essex Regiment Infantryman's Memories of Operation Mars edited by Phil Sutcliffe

The Kaiser's Battle. A Statistical Re-Analysis by David Tattersfield

The Home Base - The UK 1914-1918 Part Four - The Home Base under Alnwick by Bob Butcher

Aces Falling : The Kaiserschlacht and the War in the Air by Peter Hart

'It's a Charge, Boys' the Life and Gallant Death of Gordon Flowerdew VC by Stephen Snelling

To Pardon or Not to Pardon? The Twenty-Five Great War Canadians Shot at Dawn - Part Two by Diana Beaupre and Adrian Watkinson

My Period wit the 1/6th W Yorks A Few Notes Made from Memory by Harry Ottolini, Sgt, 'A' Company

Defending Amiens. The Australian Imperial Force during the German Spring Offensive March - April 1918 by Aaron Pegram

Confrontations at Villers-Bretonneux by Peter Pedersen

Trench Life in Silhouette Captain Harry Lawrence Oakley by Jerry Rendell

War Art by David and Judith Cohen

German Infantry Regiment 169 in the May 1918 Aisne Offensive by John K Rieth

Britannia's Unruly Stepchildren Americans who Served and Died in the British Armed Forces 1914-1918. Part Two - Double Eagles - US Citizens in the RFC/RNAS/RAF by Michael O'Brien

Garrison Library: First World War Books Reviewed

An Army of Brigadiers: British Brigade Commanders at the Battle of Arras 1917 by Trevor Harvey

Victory on the Western Front by Michael Senior

The Other First World War. The blood-soaked Russian Fronts 1914-1922 by Douglas Boyd

The British Army and the First World War. Ian Beckett, Timothy Bowman and Mark Connelly

Lost Opportunity: The Battle of the Arden nes 22 August 1914 by Simon J House

Vimy: The Battle and the Legend by Tim Cook

Retreat and Rearguard Somme 1918 by Jerry Murland

A Taste of Success: The First Battle of the Scarpe 9-14 April 1917

Voices from the Past: The Wooden Horse of Gallipoli: The Heroic Saga of SS River Clyde an Icon of the First World War.

Bloody April 1917 by Norman Franks, Russell Guest and Frank Bailey

Camel Combat Ace. The Great War Flying Career of Edwin Swale, CBE, OBE, DFC by Barry M Marsden

Zeppelins over the Midlands: The Air Raids of 31 January 1916 by Mick Powis

Let the Zeppelins Come by David Marks

Unfailing Gallantry - 8th (Regular) Division in the Great War 1914-1919 by Alun Thomas

Nurses of Passchendaele; Caring for the Wounded of the Ypres Campaigns 1914-1918 by Chritine Hallett

Unknown Warriors: The Letters of Kate Luard RRC and Bar, Nursing Sister in France 1914-1918 by Kate Luard (Editors John and Caroline Stevens).

Women in the Great War by Stephen and Tanya Wynn

Law and War: Magistrates in the Great War by Jonathan Swan

Destination Western Front: London’s Omnibuses Go to War by Roy Larkin

An Artist’s War: The Art and Letters of Morris and Alice Meredith Williams by Morris and Alice Meredith Williams (Editor Phyllida Shaw).

Celluloid War Memorials: The British Instructional Films Company & the Memory of the Great War by Mark Connelly

Company K by William March

Germany and the Great War: The Opening Year - Mobilisation, the Advance and the Naval War by Joshua Bilton

The British on the Somme 1916: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

The Somme: The Day by Day Account by Chris McCarthy

Under the Devil’s Eye by Alan Wakefield and Simon Moody


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